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DTSE @ Huawei IE #Web #iOS #Android #PC #HomeBeidge #Hadoop #Linux #Shell #macOS #Server #Hive #Docker #TensorFlow #PyTroch #CUDA #OpenAMP

As a member of the Communist Party of China, I am a full-stack programmer with a sense of mission, a lifelong learner, and an enthusiast of cloud computing and machine learning.
I am passionate about combining the power of information technology with the current complex market demands and am proficient in using advanced project management methods to independently complete projects.
In addition to my studies and work, I operate multiple stores on the most popular local e-commerce platform overseas, and I have extensive experience in localizing e-commerce. (Please see my personal details for the stores.)
With the support of the local embassy in Western Europe, I have collaborated with the Confucius Institute and student associations of University College Dublin to organize multiple HSD and HDG events (Huawei Technology Ecology Lectures), which were broadcasted entirely in English.
I have established the DigiX Lab with the Huawei Europe team locally to preach Huawei's ecology to local developers and university students, and I regularly explain Huawei's ecology and industry development trends to local university students and developers. During my business trip to London, I participated in Huawei UK HSD to break down the barriers between British universities and Huawei's ecosystem.
As for my personal requirements, I strive to be a lifelong learner and enjoy learning, to work with an international perspective and high industry standards, and to carefully analyze everything. I will not forget my original intention and always bear in mind my mission.

What I was doing

  • Web design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at a professional level.

  • Web development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

  • Mobile apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.

  • Server

    I did the server deployment and configration for the Huawei developer side.

  • Cloud Computing

    Using the Hadoop to slove the 'Mindspore' framework deployment for the local developer and Huawei ecosystem.

  • Machine Learning

    'Novel Analytics of Wearable Camera Data to detect logos and objects' is my final project.

  • Project Management

    Have done many projects by team-work with the high-quality project management meet with PMI requirement.

Handed Cases

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  1. Dublin City University

    Master of Science(Full-Time) - MSc, Computer Science(Full-Time) 2018 — 2020

    Grade: 2.1 Honours

  2. Soochow University

    Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Computer Science(Full-Time) 2013 — 2017

    GPA 3.4


  1. Senior Technical Support Engineer & HMS Cloud Administrator

    2020/9 — 2022/9 Huawei Ireland

    - Support research and development (R&D) and process to meet the needs of client’s AI strategy (MindSpore and Machine learning kit from HMS)

    - Support company and client challenges and how integrating AI capabilities can help create HMS Machine learning kit solutions.

    - Analyze and explain AI and machine learning (ML) requirement from client.

    - Promote Harmony OS & Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) to our clients.

    - Responsible for the client’s quantitative analysis (solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches through Python)

    - I had supported more than 60 Apps to integrate Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) SDK and facilitate apps publishing in Huawei AppGallery. (Ryanair, Carzone.ie, Daft.ie, RTE, DoneDeal, Covid Tracker Ireland, My Vodafone, JOE, Her, Bookmate, Myhome.ie, GAA, Next Bus Dublin, Websummit, Irish Radioplayer etc.)

    - Organize HMS & Mindspore technical exchange meetings with clients and Irish Universities

    - Support clients to fix technical issues in Android development.

    - Manage and build the Ireland Huawei Digix Lab that is set up 5G, all scenario environment where developers test and run the apps across 250 of devices. Also, I will help train developer on how to integrate their apps with latest HMS core features.

    - Manage and build HMS cloud testing service that accept from over 60 countries can come visit labs of use advanced cloud testing and debugging services online.

  2. Processing system developer & Project Management

    2018/1 — 2018/6 Suzhou XIANGDA Environmental Purification Technology

    Implementing the hazardous waste information processing platform: .Net backend + windows sever deployment environment

  3. Java Engineer

    2016/12 - 2017-12 Glanway Information Technology (Shanghai)

    Developing the API for the web application and deploy to the production environment server, daily server maintains; web application layout design and CSS animation design. Java backend application developing, OSS (Object Storage Service) form Aliyu server, SQL server query performance optimization, ECS server deployment and configuration.


  • Moehot E-shop system:


    Beeeup One-stop IT overall delivery platform:


    Zhipei Store platform:


    XiangDa Processing System:


    Novel Analytics of Wearable Camera Data to detect logos and objects:


    NLP project - Media memorability prediction

    Python, Text Data Preprocessing, Ridge Regression, SVR, Decision Tree, Random Forest/

    OpenMP project - Efficient Large Matrix Multiplication

    Worked individually, Applied three methods in OpenMP to compare and improve the efficiency of large matrix multiplication, including standard matrix multiplication, standard MM implemented with openmp parallel pragma that launches multiple threads, and Strassen algorithm.

    Cloud project - Weather Forecast

    Techniques applied: Used Apache Hadoop on Google Cloud Platform, Completed ETL using Apache Pig, Used Apache Hive to rank, search, and select.

    Data Visualisation project - Smart Phone sale history

    - Worked individually - Used Python(Pandas) to clean data and Tableau to visualise data - Completed Choropleth, Heatmap, and bar charts

My skills

  • Java;
    Machine Learning;
    Server Maintain;
    Project Management;

Licenses & certifications

  • Cyber Security Certificate

  • Huawei
  • Credential ID: SG010101409808054811409

  • Senior Network Technical Engineer

  • Credential ID: NTC12233188

  • National Scholarship First Prize

  • Jiangsu Province Education Department
  • Credential ID: 1440958


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